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Research in our lab focuses on decision making in the context of computer-based information presentation and task by measuring human attention, arousal, cognition and emotion. We conduct experiments using leading software platform that integrates subject responses through the use of eye tracking, facial expression, galvanic skin response, EEG and survey technology.

UPCI Lab is a premier research biometric lab supported by the University of Southern Indiana’s Romain College of Business and other generous supporters of the college. It is currently conveniently located on the first floor of the Business and Engineering Center building, Room 1002A.

Dr. Bacic Dr. Dinko Bačić
Lab Founder & Director
Assistant Professor
Computer Information Systems


October 26th

The University of Southern Indiana and iMotions would like to invite you to come join us for lunch and showcase the biometric research taking place in the User Perception, Cognition & Interactions Lab. Click here to sign up to attend.
5/05/2017 - UPCI Lab launches its website (www.upcilab.org). The website was implemented by USI’s ACM student organization members: Demetre Phipps, Matthew Van Hoose, and Ben Brown. Some of the design elements were created by USI’s Graphic Design students (Dr. Xinran Hu)
5/03/2017 - UPCI Lab official opening

1/15/2017 - Funding approved for the purchase of new eye tracker, facial expression software, Shimmer GSR and ABM EEG technology along with iMotions software

LAB VISION & Mission UPCI Lab’s vision is to create new knowledge that improves and engages our communities.
task process
The lab’s vision is supported by the mission to understand and improve human decisions & actions by exploring deeper insights from subconscious processes.
Recent Lab News
4/25/2017 Dr.Bačić’s manuscript was accepted for publication in the 23rd Americas Conference on Information Systems. The manuscript is to be presented as part of SIGHCI.
4/01/2017  Dr. Milewicz rolls out the iMotions Learn platform to his undergraduate Marketing Research class. Students are provided with the opportunity to dive deeper into human behavior research and experience using eye-tracking data to analyze real advertisements. The plan is to expand this classroom experience to working with facial recognition and other forms of analysis in the near future. To goal is to provide students a seamless experience of learning the power and role of these tools and using them in this lab.

1/31/2017   USI joins the first wave of Universities in the world to introduce the iMotions Learn platform in the classroom.
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